The JET Programme Resource Page

Name: The JET Programme (or JET Program)

The long of it: The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme

The short of it: JET

The JET Programme, along with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recruits and assists in placing university graduates (no age limit) from around the world, in various schools in Japan (elementary, junior and senior high). The majority of participants work as ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) who teach English. The main focus is on grassroot internationalisation between the ALT and his/her students, teachers, and the community in which the participant lives. I recommend visiting the official JET Programme website to find out more information  the site is constantly updated and provides all the details needed for aspiring, current and former JETs.

The JET Programme website has a great Q&A page that I recommend having a look at.

The following blog posts are what I have written over the years relating to the JET Programme and working as an ALT.

Applying for the JET Programme:

Applying for 2016

Applying for 2017

Timeline of the Application Process and Important Dates

Writing the Statement of Purpose Essay:

Statement of Purpose essay (2016)

Statement of Purpose essay (2015)

Statement of Purpose essay (2014)

Preparing for the Interview:

All about the Interview (2016)

Preparing for the Interview (2015)

The Interview (2014)

Post-Interview Anxiety and Waiting

Interview results explained:

Receiving your interview results (2016)

Receiving your interview results (2015)

Placements, Predecessors and Pre-departure:

What to pack and Omiyage

On receiving your placement (2015)

Shortlisted Questions and Answers

City and Prefectural ALT’s – the differences explained

Placements and Predecessors (2016)

Questions to ask your predecessor

Budgeting for Japan – money matters for incoming JETs

A Quick Guide to Shopping in Japan (department stores, electronic, int. food and drink, stationery, etc)

Tokyo Orientation and Introducing Yourself lesson:

Tokyo Orientation Tips

Self-Introduction Lesson


And for those South Africans out there who are interested in the programme, here is the link to the Embassy of Japan in Pretoria’s website:

Embassy of Japan in Pretoria: JET Programme


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