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The Flavours of Spring

One of the many reasons that I love Japan is the amazing, and mostly weird, flavours they come up with for chocolates, chips, and drinks. A lot of these flavours run closely with the seasons, so for example you will find pumpkin-flavoured ice-creams around autumn, and banana-flavoured chips in summer. Just recently Kit-Kat released their…… Continue reading The Flavours of Spring

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High School ‘Department Store’ 2015

It’s that time of the year again for the annual ‘Department Store’ at my one high school. Just like last year’s one, the students (and teachers) start preparing for this 2-day weekend event a few months in advance. To briefly explain: students contact companies and businesses in the surrounding area asking if they can take…… Continue reading High School ‘Department Store’ 2015

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Random Weekend Post in Pics

Nothing much has been happening since sports day, so I thought to share some random pictures with you that I took this weekend. To start with, the part-time science teacher at school is pretty cool – he once made ice-cream through some freaky chemical reaction – and is always showing me his latest trick or…… Continue reading Random Weekend Post in Pics

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“Vegetables made from hate…”

I’m back! Miss me? 😀 So, after a wonderful two weeks back home with my family, I am now ready to tackle another year in Japan. Fortunately, the weather has started to change for the better. In other words, it’s getting colder and autumn is on its way! The leaves are starting to change colour,…… Continue reading “Vegetables made from hate…”

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January Highlights: Hiroshima, Creepy Scarecrows, and Big Decisions

January is almost over and I have just passed the 6 month mark of living in Japan. January ended up flying by, but for the most part it has been quite fun. I spent two different occasions in the city (Hiroshima City, that is), and ate way too much good food while there. Here are…… Continue reading January Highlights: Hiroshima, Creepy Scarecrows, and Big Decisions

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Only In Japan

Only in Japan (from a South African's point of view, mind you), do you find: Flying Fish Vending Machine This vending machine in Hiroshima City sells flying fish that are bottled in what looks like brown oil. So, after a hard night's partying, instead of heading for McD's, go for some flying fish. Yum! Instant… Continue reading Only In Japan