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Bunkasai Time!

Around this time of year many schools have their cultural festival (文化祭, bunkasai). Attending a bunkasai is so much fun, and this past Saturday I attended my one island school’s festival. It was a lot of fun and the English Club girls had done a ‘profile’ poster of me which they had displayed in one…… Continue reading Bunkasai Time!

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Teaching Resources: Online Lesson Plans and Activity Ideas

This past week was my first time back in the classroom after a month of desk-warming thanks to exams, graduation, spring break, and the start of the new academic year with all its meetings, schedule planning, and more meetings. At first it was great to have a break from teaching, but soon I felt frustrated…… Continue reading Teaching Resources: Online Lesson Plans and Activity Ideas

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Last Week of the School Year

This week I have been finishing up all my classes and saying my goodbyes to my current students as tomorrow marks the end of the school year. Interestingly all three schools had something happening that I thought I would share here: Last of the Island School English Club Meeting Today at my island school I…… Continue reading Last Week of the School Year

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41 Hours in the Life…

“41 Hours in the Life…” of a senior high school ALT is what I would like to write about today – 41 hours being the average amount of time I spend at school in a week.  My situation, like all other ALT’s, is unique in terms of schedule, schools, responsibilities at school, and so on.…… Continue reading 41 Hours in the Life…

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Conquering the First Week of Classes!

I did it! I made it through this week of first classes alive! I celebrated by sleeping in this morning until the late hour of 7 o’clock, all thanks to the ‘alarm clock’ of a dog singing the song of his people from across the street. Every day this past week I found myself exhausted,…… Continue reading Conquering the First Week of Classes!