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JET Programme: Post-Interview Anxiety

After a job interview, feelings like anxiety and uncertainty as to how you did are usually experienced. Normally you don’t have to wait too long before finding out if you’ve got the job. However, in the case of the JET Programme interview results, the waiting period, along with those feelings of apprehension, hang around for…… Continue reading JET Programme: Post-Interview Anxiety

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The Small Things in Life

This is just a little self-reflecting, trying to sound insightful, rambling post about ‘meh’ days and finding the small things in life that makes one happy… 🙂 Living in a foreign country (away from home comforts, family, friends, and pets) does have its ups and downs. While the majority of my time here has been…… Continue reading The Small Things in Life

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JET Programme: Leaving JET

When January rolls around in the JET world you pretty much know what time it is: recontracting decision time. In most cases, ALTs are required to fill out and hand back their recontracting (or not) form by mid-January. It can become quite nerve-racking as you are expected to make a decision on something that will…… Continue reading JET Programme: Leaving JET

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The Highs and Lows of the New Year

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been all that active here recently, and I apologise for that as I always aim to get posts out at least once a week. However, I think this time there are a few factors that are contributing to my recent lack of posts, and what I believe it really…… Continue reading The Highs and Lows of the New Year

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One Year Japanniversary!

Today officially marks one year since I arrived in Japan! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by when I really think about it. I can still clearly remember that feeling of excitement and anticipation when I first arrived in Japan, along with that irrepressible heat and humidity… Fortunately I have learnt to live…… Continue reading One Year Japanniversary!

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Long and doubtful week, but satisfying ending

This past week I found myself, more often than not, doubting my teaching abilities and questioning whether the students actually enjoy themselves - or even care to learn anything - in my classes. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the second last class today. This class, with 2 boys and 17 girls (high school, grade… Continue reading Long and doubtful week, but satisfying ending