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Eating Out: Conveyor Belt Sushi

I love sushi. I didn’t realise sushi could taste so good until going to Japan. And boy, do I miss it! There’s just something not quite right when eating sushi back home. Even though it can taste pretty delicious, I still miss the whole experience of eating sushi in Japan, that authentic vibe and well,…… Continue reading Eating Out: Conveyor Belt Sushi

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Buddhist Temple Lodge Experience

When I visited Koyasan in Wakayama prefecture last year, I spent two nights at a Shukubo Temple Lodge – one of the 52 temple accommodation options in the town. The temple lodgings, run by Buddhist monks, allows you the opportunity to get a glimpse into temple life by dining on their unique and divinely delicious vegetarian…… Continue reading Buddhist Temple Lodge Experience

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The Flavours of Spring

One of the many reasons that I love Japan is the amazing, and mostly weird, flavours they come up with for chocolates, chips, and drinks. A lot of these flavours run closely with the seasons, so for example you will find pumpkin-flavoured ice-creams around autumn, and banana-flavoured chips in summer. Just recently Kit-Kat released their…… Continue reading The Flavours of Spring

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Are You Ready For Sumo?!

Are you ready to feast your eyes on almost-naked, bear-like men wrestling each other? Well I am! Well, I did actually – at the ‘2015 November Grand Sumo Tournament’ in Hakata, Fukuoka. This past weekend about 30 of us Hiroshima ALTs hopped on a bus and travelled down to Fukuoka where we spent our time…… Continue reading Are You Ready For Sumo?!

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Happy Weekend Everyone!

Today was a good day. 🙂 First of all, my 5-in-a-row classes were cancelled because of tests, so I had the freedom to do what I pleased at school today, which was a welcome break for me. Secondly, we had no electricity for two hours because of maintenance, which meant I could read my book…… Continue reading Happy Weekend Everyone!

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Pizza: To Eat or Not to Eat…

That is indeed the question when living in Japan. Back in South Africa I do enjoy the occasional pizza. I especially enjoy those freshly-made, wood-fired, deliciously crafted pizzas that come with a variety of local toppings, such as with biltong, smoked salmon, springbok carpaccio and roasted butternut. Not all on the same pizza, mind you,…… Continue reading Pizza: To Eat or Not to Eat…