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High School ‘Department Store’ 2015

It’s that time of the year again for the annual ‘Department Store’ at my one high school. Just like last year’s one, the students (and teachers) start preparing for this 2-day weekend event a few months in advance. To briefly explain: students contact companies and businesses in the surrounding area asking if they can take…… Continue reading High School ‘Department Store’ 2015

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Hiroshima Flower Festival: Part II

To continue from my first post on the festival, I will now share with you pictures of the time I spent walking around the Hiroshima Flower Festival during the latter half of the day. After lunch I decided to do a second lap of the Peace Memorial Park and Boulevard as there was always something…… Continue reading Hiroshima Flower Festival: Part II

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Hiroshima Flower Festival: Part I

At the beginning of May during ‘Golden Week’ I headed off to the city to attend the Hiroshima Flower Festival. For 3 days (May 3rd – 5th) the Peace Park, Peace Boulevard, and surrounding areas are closed to traffic to make way for musical performances (such as traditional music, Jazz, pop groups and idols), hundreds…… Continue reading Hiroshima Flower Festival: Part I

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November Highlights: ‘Dreamination’

Last month I went to Hiroshima City to see the ‘Dreamination’ winter light festival. This event occurs from mid-November to early January every year. Over a million LED fairy lights (solar powered) are used to create the most amazing fantasy scenes that line the Peace Boulevard. The lights turn on at about 5:30pm, once the…… Continue reading November Highlights: ‘Dreamination’

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High School ‘Department Store’

Yesterday and today was my base school’s ‘Department Store’ festival. This is very similar to a cultural festival, except (as the school is a commercial/business school) the students sell products that they have sourced from actual shops and therefore gain experience running their own shop, working a till, and serving customers with the proper etiquette,…… Continue reading High School ‘Department Store’

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September Highlights: Fude Matsuri, Miyajima, and Cat Cafe

September has really gone by in a flash, and I must say it has been a fun and fulfilling month to boot. Not only did I properly start teaching English classes, which so far have been going pretty well – and I only seem to be remembering the names of the rowdy students 😉 – …… Continue reading September Highlights: Fude Matsuri, Miyajima, and Cat Cafe