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A Sweet Start to 2017

Happy New Year everyone! 😀 I hope that 2017 will be one amazing year for you full of adventure, good health and great company. As it is the start of a new year, I have decided to refresh my blog by updating the design and changing the name to reflect current circumstances as I am…… Continue reading A Sweet Start to 2017

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Tsuwano: Church, Chapel, and Shrine

On the first day of my visit to the small samurai town of Tsuwano, I explored the main street, Tonomachi, in the old part of town. On the second day, my aim was to visit the famous Catholic church and chapel, as well as walk up to the inari shrine that overlooks the town. Tsuwano…… Continue reading Tsuwano: Church, Chapel, and Shrine

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Miyajima: Autumn Leaves, Deer and Daisho-in

Miyajima is fast becoming one of my all-time favourite places to visit in Hiroshima. The island is the perfect place to visit for the autumn leaves (as well as during spring for the cherry blossoms), and it has great food (okonomiyaki and oysters), photogenic deer, and Daisho-in – a Shingon Buddhist temple (often visited by…… Continue reading Miyajima: Autumn Leaves, Deer and Daisho-in

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Saturday Morning in Hiroshima City: Pics

Today I found myself in the big city with time to spare before visiting my dentist for a check-up (fun times). So, I decided to be a tourist and take a whole lot of random pictures – because why not? 🙂 Looking over to the Peace Memorial Park you can see how the leaves are…… Continue reading Saturday Morning in Hiroshima City: Pics

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Random Weekend Post in Pics

Nothing much has been happening since sports day, so I thought to share some random pictures with you that I took this weekend. To start with, the part-time science teacher at school is pretty cool – he once made ice-cream through some freaky chemical reaction – and is always showing me his latest trick or…… Continue reading Random Weekend Post in Pics

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The Onomichi ‘Cat Street View’ Map

I just discovered that I’m not the only person who has a thing for cats in Onomichi. Turns out that the tourism board of Hiroshima has gone and made an online street map of certain areas of Onomichi, but from the perspective of cats! I knew doing my ‘Official Onomichi Cat Count’ wasn’t a totally…… Continue reading The Onomichi ‘Cat Street View’ Map

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Hiroshima: 70 Years On

This year, on August 6th, marked the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I was determined, like everyone else, to visit the Peace Park and the A-bomb Dome last week Thursday to pay my respects. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the morning ceremony in time due to all the trains…… Continue reading Hiroshima: 70 Years On

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Hiroshima Flower Festival: Part II

To continue from my first post on the festival, I will now share with you pictures of the time I spent walking around the Hiroshima Flower Festival during the latter half of the day. After lunch I decided to do a second lap of the Peace Memorial Park and Boulevard as there was always something…… Continue reading Hiroshima Flower Festival: Part II