Cat Count

The Official Onomichi Cat Count

You might of noticed at the end of some of my posts this ‘count’ that I have going, and may well ask yourself, ‘what the fuzzball is that?’.

Well, when I found out that my JET placement was in a town called Onomichi, in the Hiroshima prefecture, I did some research about it and discovered that it is known for two things: its hills (stairs everywhere!) and lots of stray cats.

Though I must say most of the cats seem to be in quite good condition, probably thanks to all the residents here that feed them.

So yes, upon arriving here I thought that I would start counting the cats I see and add them to a list which I mention at the end of my posts. The majority of sightings happen when I am commuting to my schools on the bus, but sometimes I catch a glimpse of one or two when walking around the city. I also make sure not to count the same cat twice. I have already identified the cats that hang around my neighbourhood, so I know not to count them again.

There seems to be this one particular ginger cat that is determined to rid my neighbourhood of every bird, reptile and rodent – he is always hunting in the grassy area outside my apartment!

The Final Onomichi Cat Count…

So after two years of counting cats in Onomichi, my final count came to an amazing 113 cats! My final cat was counted on my way to close my bank account he was blissfully sleeping in the shade of a parked car, watching me go by with one eye open.

A pretty good number if I say so myself. I am a proud to have been an Onomichi cat counter. 😀




2 thoughts on “Cat Count

  1. I just got to my placement a few days ago–Amami Island in Kagoshima Prefecture in the south. I’ve quickly realized I don’t need to visit a cat cafe anytime soon because all I have to do is walk around town and find cats everywhere. 🙂


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