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The Small Things in Life

This is just a little self-reflecting, trying to sound insightful, rambling post about ‘meh’ days and finding the small things in life that makes one happy… πŸ™‚

Living in a foreign country (away from home comforts, family, friends, and pets) does have its ups and downs. While the majority of my time here has been incredible ups, there have been times of occasional downs.

Sometimes those downs are just minor, like having a stressful day, or the total opposite like a desk-warming ‘doing-nothing-at-my-desk’ day, or getting the flu (thanks to being in close proximity of coughing and sneezing students), or just a ‘feeling meh about everything’ day.

On these ‘meh’ days I try to find things that could brighten my day, even mundane or ordinary things can become sources of delight – I suppose anything really that might make me feel a little less ‘meh’. Things such as counting my 100th Onomichi cat, being the only one on the bus (and sitting right at the back like a boss!), and standing by the harbour wall watching the jellyfish float by… small things like that definitely improve my ‘meh’ days.Β 

One such thing happened today (a desk-warming day due to exams) when I went to buy lunch at the conbini and discovered these:

These are by far the best banana-flavoured chocolates I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Galbo mini chocolate comes in a variety of flavours, but most of the time they are seasonal and certain flavours are limited to a few months (such as their sweet potato flavour which is only available during autumn).

In my first year here they bought out the banana flavour for summer. However, during last year’s summer I couldn’t find them anywhere on the shelves, which was disappointing (or I just wasn’t looking hard enough). :/

So imagine how I reacted when I found them on the shelves today (after 18 months of not tasting it!) – I literally did a little shriek of happiness! Normally I wouldn’t react like this, but this was a ‘meh’ day and it was the perfect pick-me-up.

Happy days!

Another little ‘happy’ encounter happened this past Sunday when I went to 7/11 to buy some groceries. I ended up spending enough money to qualify for a lucky draw, which had me winning a mini sake drink (with straw!). Now that really made my Sunday and I look forward to trying this ‘juice-box’ sake this coming weekend. πŸ™‚

My little ‘juice box’ sake, apparently it must be served at 15 degrees C.

I think for any JET living in Japan, ‘meh’ days do happen. So if you find something that makes you smile even just a little bit on a ‘meh’ day – like seeing something cute (and then buying it) at the 100 yen store, or feeding the all-too-intelligent crows (they’re sneaky that lot) – then go right ahead and enjoy that pick-me-up moment. Anything to turn your ‘meh’ into a ‘yay!’. Take pleasure in the small things. πŸ˜‰

P.S. I am seriously considering stocking up on a sizeable amount of banana-flavoured Galbo and bringing them home with me when I leave in August.

Official Onomichi Cat Count: 103!


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