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Last Week of the School Year

This week I have been finishing up all my classes and saying my goodbyes to my current students as tomorrow marks the end of the school year. Interestingly all three schools had something happening that I thought I would share here:

Last of the Island School English Club Meeting
Today at my island school I got the chance to spend some time with the English Club students who have all matriculated and will be heading off to university soon (they grow up so fast *sniff sniff).

Even though they graduated at the beginning of this month, they came to school today to have one last ‘club meeting’ with me and the other English teacher. We started by playing a board game, which if I remember correctly was called ‘Game of Life’. I’ve never played such a game before, let alone in Japanese, but this was English club, so the girls helped with translating. It ended up being a lot of fun (even if I did lose my job as a high-paid doctor after going on a soul-searching adventure)…

It’s been ages since I played a board game. πŸ™‚

After the game the girls generously handed out an array of sweets and chocolates for us to enjoy after eating lunch.

Funny how I had just told myself earlier this morning that I should cut down on sweets… well, not today!

ALT Survey
So I wanted to find out how the students at my base school liked my classes, if they were easy to understand, which games they liked the best, and their general opinions about how this past year was like for them when it came to learning English. With the results I would be able to see whether I should think about changing the way I approach my classes for the new ni-nensei students (such as not speaking too fast or getting the JTE to translate more of what I say so that they can better understand me), or keep my way of teaching the same – as well as seeing which games were popular this past year.

I must say that the majority of the results were positive, though a lot of students were on the fence as to whether the classes made learning English more fun – I am sure a lot of them don’t consider learning a foreign language to be fun normally. I know I found learning Afrikaans far from being fun.

Anyway, what made me giggle were some of the comments left by students. The survey was anonymous, but I could guess as to which students wrote certain comments – especially when the one student asked the JTE in class how to spell ‘marry’…

Here are some of the other comments, including a few proclamations of love:

A Touching Gift
At my other island school this week, we combined the 2 classes and made a double class where we first made chocolate biscuits in the ‘cooking’ classroom, and then played a game in the second half. At the end of the class the students presented me with this sweet gift of a cardboard folder that contained messages from all the students on the inside and a drawing of me on the outside. It was so sweet!

Receiving this ticked the box on my secret Japan wish-list: to be drawn like a shoujo manga character.

I cannot believe I have already finished another school year. In April I will be starting classes with my third lot of new students since arriving here. I better start dusting off my self-introduction lesson props again.

Now where did I put that Marmite? πŸ˜‰

Official Onomichi Cat Count: 96

I managed to get a photo of two beautiful Onomichi cats (yes, there are two cats in this photo). They were behind this fence (which looks like they’re in a cat prison here) on the property opposite my base school. Though they didn’t appreciate me taking photos and quickly disappeared into the bushes after taking this shot.




2 thoughts on “Last Week of the School Year

  1. I love Life! I grew up playing it in America. Playing board games with your English Club is a good idea. And I like the idea of an ALT Survey…that is really helpful! Great post πŸ™‚

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