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The Flavours of Spring

One of the many reasons that I love Japan is the amazing, and mostly weird, flavours they come up with for chocolates, chips, and drinks. A lot of these flavours run closely with the seasons, so for example you will find pumpkin-flavoured ice-creams around autumn, and banana-flavoured chips in summer.

Just recently Kit-Kat released their sake-flavoured Kit-Kat. It had such a tantalising aroma, and you could taste the sake – which wasn’t too overpowering so it was quite enjoyable. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find them in the conbinis any more – this tends to be common when a company releases a new flavour as they only come out for a limited time.


When it comes to chips, there are some interesting flavours. I recently popped into the conbini and took some sneaky pictures of what is on the shelves:

Lobster bisque chips

Prawn burger chips
Chocolate covered chips… those actually look quite yummy

Spring Flavours

Now that we’re slowly moving into spring (winter has taken its time leaving this year), a lot of sweets, desserts and drinks are sporting the sakura (cherry blossom) look. There are even sakura-coloured strawberries on sale, though looking at the price I will just continue to drool at them from a distance.

These special strawberries are selling for ¥1280 (about R175)

For me, what got me oo-ing and ahh-ing was the spring edition from Pepsi: Sakura-flavoured Pepsi!

It’s so pink!

I usually don’t drink Pepsi. But, this is cherry blossom Pepsi… how can you not buy something like this to try at least once?

I bought it at the conbini down the road from my school at lunch time today, but didn’t want to drink it at school (the pink kind of stood out like a beacon on my desk).

Side note: What I didn’t know until this evening was that this drink was only released today, so I am sure if I had bought it out to drink at school the teachers would of probably been quite interested to see it, maybe. 😉

Anyway, so for the remainder of the school hours I pondered as to what fizzy cherry blossoms would taste like. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait too long and I must say that it was quite delicious. At first all I could taste was the fizzy Pepsi cola flavour, but then after that died down I got a mouthful of cherry – it reminded me of the taste of cherry Fizz Pops (South Africans out there will know the taste I am talking about).

I think this is quite a promising start to the spring munchie season. Hopefully I can share more fantastic flavours with you soon. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Flavours of Spring

      1. … and pink Pepsi, and wasabi, and one of those life sized pillows, and a ガンダム!! 😉


  1. so completely arb to read ^^ but happy and fun and enjoyable to see a little into your life, glad you keep on sharing in your fashion


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