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Random Weekend Post in Pics

Nothing much has been happening since sports day, so I thought to share some random pictures with you that I took this weekend.

To start with, the part-time science teacher at school is pretty cool – he once made ice-cream through some freaky chemical reaction – and is always showing me his latest trick or experiment. Recently, he showed me this optical illusion (see below), where the robotic dog and beefed-up cat always keep an eye on you as you walk by. Quite a cool illusion, even if the cat looks a bit on the evil side. Needless to say these two have stayed put on their shelf in the staff room and now constantly watch me, even from my desk I can see them staring at me. o_O

I went shopping yesterday and I cannot believe I have never noticed these on the shelves before: nappies for dogs. Now, I suppose it is understandable in a country where most people live in houses that don’t have much of a garden, but still, you have to wonder what the dogs think about all this?

Halloween is in full swing here, with decorations in practically every shop, and Halloween-themed desserts (so. much. pumpkin!) in all grocery stores and restaurants. However, some shops have already decided to jump to the next big thing and have started setting up Christmas-themed displays.

Yesterday I discovered this Christmas tree stand in all its glory. The funny thing is that Christmas is not exactly celebrated in Japan – it is a normal working day here – but it is still widely advertised for the retail value it brings in. I mean, just look at those cute little Christmas trees, I am seriously considering getting myself one!

Talking about Halloween, I have finally managed to collect enough sweets for my one school’s special Halloween lesson – that’s approximately 200 sweets for 200 students. Like last year, I will be repeating my ‘trick or treat’ gimmick where I don’t tell the students I have sweets, but if any of them say the word ‘trick or treat’ during the class, I will then haul out my bag of sweets and let them pick one.

I just love the surprise on their face when I offer them a sweet, and then subsequently seeing the other students click on to the idea that saying ‘trick or treat’ will get them a sweet. It is so much fun! It’s the sweetest form of bribery yet! Heh heh… 😉

Well, that’s about it for now. Next month this blog will be much busier as I will be going to watch sumo in Fukuoka, see the Dreamination light festival in Hiroshima city, and visit Miyajima Island for the stunning autumn leaves. Going to be a busy November!

And one last word, thank-you to all those aspiring JETs who have sent me their Statement of Purpose essays to read over and provide feedback, if anyone else would like me to have a look at their essay then don’t hesitate to contact me. Good luck with the rest of your application aspiring JETs! 🙂


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