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Sports Day!

This year, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the sports days of two of my schools. Both were incredibly exciting and a lot of fun to watch. Though, compared to my high school sports day, back in the good ol’ days, Japanese high school sports days can turn out to be just plain crazy when it comes to the types of games they do!

Sure, you get the 100m dash, relays races and at least one game that involves some form of obstacle course. But in addition to those classics, there are also games that I wouldn’t consider exactly safe, well, I know my school would never let such fun and crazy games occur.

Here are some pictures from the sports days. Enjoy!

In this game the teams have a set amount of time in which to throw as many beanbags into the basket.

This is a massive version of jump rope. Each team has about 30 jumpers! They have a set amount of time to see how many jumps they can do. The picture looks a bit grainy because so much sand was being kicked up.

This is one of the more crazy games, and only reserved for the boys. A long rope is placed in the middle of the field, with two opposing teams. Each side of the field has a flag. At the signal, the teams must rush into the middle of the field and grab the rope. Once they have the rope they must make their way back to their side of the field and try and grab their flag while still holding onto the rope.

You can imagine what a wrestling match this can turn into. All the male teachers are required to monitor the boys in case it gets a bit too rough. But basically it is like watching a 15-a-side rugby scrum with rope.

I like to call this picture ‘caterpillar race with barley juice’. As you can see, teams of 5 have to race their way around a simple obstacle course while shuffling on these planks of wood.

Sports day in Japan is so much fun! While watching my students have the time of their life participating and cheering on their team, I found myself wishing that I was also a Japanese high school student, taking part in the crazy games that make up sports day. 🙂

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