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Working on a Saturday

Working on a Saturday is not too bad really, especially when you are not required to put any effort into it. 😉

Well, that was today’s experience. It was ‘open day’ at my school and junior high students were coming to visit to see what the school offered in terms of subjects. I wasn’t scheduled to do any teaching, so I was expected to just desk-warm the entire day. However, I thought ahead and took some nenkyu (paid leave) and was able to leave by midday.

However, I still had the morning to get through. While other teachers got to wait under a massive rainbow for visitors to arrive, I had the task of correcting all those summer vacation essays, you know, the ones that I mentioned last week? I thought I had got away with not having to correct them, I was wrong.

Somewhere, over the inflatable rainbow, way up high…
Meanwhile, in the land of incomprehensible essays…

But hey, as much as I complain, I really do love correcting essays… as long as they make some sense and not include sentences like ‘favorite food such as fires and sweets‘. Needless to say I only got a quarter of the way through the massive pile and will have to try and squeeze in the rest of the correcting between lessons this week.

And talking about working on the weekend. It may sound awful, taking up precious weekend time, but working as an ALT you do get a weekday off as a result. In some cases you can choose when you want to take your day off, but in my situation I am told when the day off will be, as every other teacher also gets the same day off. In this case, we got last Monday off, so I had a 3-day weekend last week. 🙂

And it’s been a while, but…

Official Onomichi Cat Count: 63

This post’s cat count picture bought to you by a badge on a student’s bag. 🙂


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