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“Vegetables made from hate…”

I’m back! Miss me? 😀

So, after a wonderful two weeks back home with my family, I am now ready to tackle another year in Japan. Fortunately, the weather has started to change for the better. In other words, it’s getting colder and autumn is on its way! The leaves are starting to change colour, the temperatures have stopped sitting in the 30’s (today is a nice 24 degrees and raining), and Halloween goodies are already popping up in the shops!

With the start of the second term, comes all the summer vacation homework students had to complete, including English essays. I was asked this week to read through some of the essays, and without fail some students managed to get me chuckling at their creative sentences (probably with the help of Google translate) and I just had to share some of the more interesting ones.

His vegetables made from hate…
Is the mortification of the sense of accomplishment…
Various people marry you as well…
Eating my favorite food such as fires and sweets…

Even though these sentences are good for a chuckle, it proves a bit more taxing trying to figure out exactly what the student was trying to say so that I can correct the sentence and have it make sense. I’m still stuck on the ‘fires and sweets’ one, I have no clue what ‘fires’ could be as a favourite food. 😕


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