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Hiroshima: 70 Years On

This year, on August 6th, marked the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I was determined, like everyone else, to visit the Peace Park and the A-bomb Dome last week Thursday to pay my respects. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the morning ceremony in time due to all the trains being fully booked up. However, I stayed in the city until the evening where a lantern ceremony was held on the banks of the canal by the A-bomb Dome.

Many people were lining the banks of the canal to get their personalised lantern into the water, and I must say that by the time the sun set it was incredibly beautiful to watch the lanterns floating their way down the canal.

I won’t say much else but instead let the collection of photos I took that evening tell the story. 🙂

It was an incredibly hot day, making these freshly laid flowers wilt pretty quickly
It was also packed! It made moving around very difficult and in the end we decided to just stick to the area around the dome
The view of the canal

The A-bomb Dome surrounded by ‘peace’ candles

The candles were decorated with messages of peace from elementary school kids.
You could buy a lantern and write your own peace message on it before floating it on the canal

I just bought a new camera, so I was fiddling around with the creative settings. I like how this one turned out
Watching the lanterns was mesmerising…and so pretty


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