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Embracing Your Skills on the JET Programme

Yesterday my one JTE asked me to draw her an animé character for one of her classes on a massive piece of paper. I was quite hesitant at first, mainly because I had never drawn an animé character in my life before (even though I do enjoy drawing). I also didn’t want to mess it up – the last thing I wanted was to have the students burst out laughing at how bad it was.

I only had one shot at it, using permanent marker pens, and the drawing space was at least an A4-sized area, so it was pretty big in terms of creating something. But, I wanted to help her in any way I could and went ahead (channelling my art background) and drew the first animé character that I could think of – and that the students would recognise – and that was Luffy from One Piece.

So, what do you think of my Luffy?

I must admit that even I was surprised as to how it turned out. I didn’t think I had it in me to draw such a character, but I did, and I am glad that I overcame my doubt and went ahead and drew it. 

To all you JETs out there, if you are ever given the chance to help out and show off a skill or talent, go ahead and do it, even if there is doubt. I know this is just one measly drawing and there’s nothing awe-inspiring about it, but it felt good helping out a fellow colleague using what skills I had – and I think she was quite happy about it too! 🙂


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