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School Festival Time!

This past weekend I attended my one island school’s festival. Thankfully the predicted rain stayed away and I was able to enjoy a very hot and sunny day walking around the school eating good food, watching dance performances and bowling for sweets!

Here are a few pictures from the day. Enjoy!

The entrance poster to the school. If you are unfamiliar with the popular Japanese cellphone chat app, LINE, then these are the three main characters that you can use when sending messages. By the way, if you’re coming to Japan on JET then I highly recommend getting LINE – free messages to anyone else using it!


There were numerous performances happening in the hall, such as a singing contest among all the classes, musical performances and dances.


The courtyard just before lunchtime. All the stores here were run by the 3rd years who were selling various kinds of food. By midday the place was packed!


The manga club showing off their artwork


I supported the manga club by buying their ‘Stardust’ magazine which was full of their drawings and stories


Some of the drawing were so good!


This class did bowling for sweets… with a bouncy ball…


They were setting up the coke bottles for my turn, which turned out to be a dismal display. The bouncy ball practically bounced right over the bottles, though I managed to knock down 3 in the process, which earned me 3 sweets 🙂


This class was selling ice-cream. 1 scoop for 200 yen (R20). But, that didn’t stop me from getting a scoop – especially as my cute students were practically pulling me inside the classroom – so how could I refuse? 😉


I have no clue who this student was trying to be


The taiko performers were really getting into their drumming – it was so entertaining to watch as they ran and jumped about, making one heck of a good noise in the process


This is Hassaku, one of Hiroshima’s mascots. Hassaku is a type of Japanese citrus fruit – it is basically an orange, but is the size of a grapefruit. I tip my hat to Hassaku as it must of been about 30 degrees in the sun – he must of been slowly melting inside…


The hungry caterpillar!


I thought these girls’ kimonos were so beautiful!


My stash of hard-won sweets 😉

It was such a fun day. Not only was I able to eat good food, play silly (but fun) games, and watch fantastic performances, I also had the chance to casually chat and just hang out with the teachers and students – all very laid back, which was nice. I even managed to catch up with some graduated students who are now in university – they grow up so fast! 😀


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