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Hiroshima Flower Festival: Part II

To continue from my first post on the festival, I will now share with you pictures of the time I spent walking around the Hiroshima Flower Festival during the latter half of the day. After lunch I decided to do a second lap of the Peace Memorial Park and Boulevard as there was always something new happening on the various stages. By this time it was also much cooler so I was able to take my time walking around instead of quick-stepping to the closest bit of shade.

Late afternoon with the A-bomb Dome

A view of the dome from across the canal.
This stage had a various idol groups performing for about 15 minutes at a time. This group was particularly entertaining.
The massive paper cranes on each side of the walkway, with the Peace Park Museum in the background. (click pic for larger view)
A flower display that was lit up at night by candles
Various performers waiting for the closing ceremony
A small Jazz stage on the other side of the Boulevard
The closing ceremony was just as vibrant and entertaining as every other performance I had seen that day. In this picture they were performing some well-known song and dance as even the crowd were joining in. (click on pic to view a larger version)

And what better way to end my post about the flower festival but with more flowers!

Thanks for reading! 😀

2 thoughts on “Hiroshima Flower Festival: Part II

    1. Lol… it’s not just in the city – practically everywhere I’ve been to so far is clean! There aren’t any rubbish bins on the streets (expect for recycling bins and those by vending machines), so people usually carry their rubbish around until they get home.
      Though at a festival like this there was a stand where you could take your rubbish and the staff would sort out the recycling for you. 🙂

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