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My Neighbours…

My neighbours probably think I have officially gone round the bend. For the entire day I have belting out just one particular song. The reason? It’s all for the sake of my English Club girls.

This Wednesday is the school festival and the English club is putting on a play, a version of Snow White to be exact, in front of the whole school. I was chosen to play Prince Charming. Even though I only have 2 lines in the play, I do, however, have to sing a song along with Snow White. The song is ‘Love is an open door‘, from ‘Frozen’. Even though the actual song will be playing in the background, I’m not allowed to just mouth the words, I actually have to sing it!

I did a practice sing-through yesterday with the student who will be playing Snow White and I came to the shocking realisation that I am incredibly bad at singing in harmony with someone else. It doesn’t help that Snow White has a good set of lungs on her…

So, I printed out the sheet music today and have been singing the role of ‘Hans’ for the whole day, to the point that I feel a tad more confident in terms of the lyrics, timing and harmony.

Hopefully my practising today will pay off during dress rehearsal on Tuesday. To be honest I am quite excited, doing something I’ve never done before, performing and singing on a stage in front of an audience. Who would of thought being an ALT in Japan would lead to such an experience?

Wish me and my girls luck! 🙂

I swear I’ll be singing this in my sleep tonight…


One thought on “My Neighbours…

  1. That’s awesome! Good luck with your performance! This is exactly what I would like to do, in my school (except Directing, not singing or acting… My acting days are done.. Haha)

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