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Hiroshima Flower Festival: Part I

At the beginning of May during ‘Golden Week’ I headed off to the city to attend the Hiroshima Flower Festival.

For 3 days (May 3rd – 5th) the Peace Park, Peace Boulevard, and surrounding areas are closed to traffic to make way for musical performances (such as traditional music, Jazz, pop groups and idols), hundreds of food stalls, flower displays, flower arranging demonstrations, talk shows, fashion shows, and on the last day a parade of dance teams show off their moves while making their way down the Peace Boulevard – the particular style of dancing is known as Yosakoi in Japanese.

I attended on the last day where I got to watch the Yosakoi. I had an incredibly fun time, even if it was sweltering hot, noisy, and crowded for the most part. Though I think this is what going to a festival is all about, and from what I saw and experienced I can definitely see why this is such a popular festival to attend.

I took so many photos throughout the day that I wish I could share all of them with you, but for now I will share the photos I took in the morning and early afternoon. Enjoy!

So many pretty flowers 🙂

Looking towards the Peace Park Memorial and museum.
A giant paper crane.
A whole field of giant paper cranes.
A dance troupe performing their routine on one of the many stages in the area.
A massive flower display with a bowl of flames at the top.
Each dance troupe had a decorated truck moving in front of them as they slowly made their way down the Peace Boulevard. The trucks also had massive speakers that blasted music for the dancers.
A dance in action
Looking down the length of the Peace Boulevard while crossing to the other side
The flag wavers were impressive as the flags were huge and must of been heavy, especially as they had to constantly have them moving about dramatically.
I took a million shots before I finally got these flags in the right position.
Candy apples!
Another troupe showing off their moves.
Only after I took the picture did I notice the lady’s bag…

So that’s enough pictures for today. I will be posting ‘Part II’ that covers the evening and night-time of the festival in the next few days. 🙂


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