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First things first, a huge congratulations to all those applicants who have been shortlisted for the 2015 – 2016 JET Programme! And a special shout-out to the new South African JET’s! Welcome to JET! 😀

And secondly, how could I not post pictures of the spring blossoms here in Japan? At first, about 2 weeks ago, there were just hints of a few trees with blossoms, but now everywhere I look there are massive clumps of pink of white trees – like beautiful pink and white Beacon marshmallows… yummy!

I will just post a few of my favourite pics here, though I know I have taken probably close to a couple of dozen pics of various trees up until now – they are all so gorgeous!

The cherry tree at the entrance to the school grounds
The start of a blossoming cherry tree on Miyajima Island
I think these are plum tree blossoms. They were the first to come out this season.
The view from my apartment window 🙂
Trying for a more creative shot…
Blossoms in Kyoto – one of the places I visited with my mother when she came to visit over Spring Break – will be posting more about that soon!

And with Spring in full swing I must also mention the weather has definitely changed. Blue skies have been replaced with almost permanent clouds, rain is predicted for most of the days from now on, the temperature has risen to a balmy 20 degrees, and the bugs are back! Thankfully I am armed and ready with bug spray if need be. I have never experienced Spring in Japan before; and I do enjoy the blossoming of trees and flowers, though I think I would prefer to see some more blue skies between this seemingly permanent cloudiness.

Quite the dramatic scene from my balcony – you can see the cherry trees in the distance behind the soccer field.

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