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It’s Movie Time!

A grand occasion happened over the past weekend – I went to the movies! Okay, okay, not so grand really, but it was my first time going to the movies in Japan.

So on Saturday I went with Karin to a cinema which was about 3 stops out of Hiroshima City (heading west). The first thing that sort of shocked me (and my wallet) was the price of the ticket – ¥1800 – which is about three times as expensive as a ticket in Cape Town. Though, should I be surprised when a pizza costs about the same?

Talking about food. Before we went to see the movie, which was ‘Mortdecai’ – a Johnny ‘yum-yum’ Depp movie (and one of the few movies that were subbed, not dubbed) – we decided to grab some lunch first at a place called ‘Cellu Loid’.

Cafe ‘Cellu Loid’ sells South African wine!

The cafe served western dishes and we both had the curry (which was pretty good). Though what really made our lunch was the dessert. Even though we both ordered the same dessert, we got different things.

This was absolutely delicious!

‘Pigs and a Cactus’. A 2015 ‘Cellu Loid’ cafe study.

After lunch we headed up to the cinema, thinking that we should get there a bit earlier to get munchies as there could be a queue. But to our surprise there was no queue for popcorn or drinks (which included a range of coffees and teas – but no slushies!), and instead there were about 5 eager, smiling ladies behind the counter waiting to serve us. This is totally unlike the cinemas in Cape Town where you need at least 15 minutes aside to grab munchies due to how busy they always are (I usually end up sneaking in my own stuff from the shops anyway).

I decided to go for something different and chose their half and half popcorn – half salt, half caramel. The smell of the caramel took me straight back to the time spent at Universal Studios in Osaka as around almost every corner there was a caramel popcorn vendor – so everywhere you went smelt like caramel popcorn. 🙂

They put your popcorn in a bag so that you don’t make a mess. And it works because Karin dropped hers about three times and the bag kept in all the popcorn. 🙂

We also got to see a life-sized version of Baymax

…though it looks like he has had one too many hugs and is in dire need of some sticky tape

Before entering the movies, we had the option of taking a complimentary blanket… which was different – though obviously normal as I saw a few ladies carrying in blankets.

So straight to the movie then. I won’t say much, but I will say that I really enjoyed it. It was frightfully British, as was the humour. Often Karin and I were chuckling to ourselves. But very soon I noticed something… we were the only ones who were laughing. The entire cinema was silent, no reaction to the funny bits. It was really strange at first, but then Karin later pointed that the jokes/funny parts were getting lost in the Japanese translation. I think the audience couldn’t pick up the subtle nuances and intonations that made certain scenes funny. So while Karin and I were laughing, the rest of the audience probably didn’t see what was funny. Well, that is what we surmised. Normally I’m the quiet one at the movies who grumbles about the noisy people, and now I felt like I had been one of them.

So when the movie ended and the credits started rolling, Karin and I started gathering our things and were ready to get up! … and get up! Okay… get UP!

No one moved…

We sat there, looked around, and noticed that no one had moved. They were dead still, still staring at the screen as the credits rolled. We looked at each other and dread filled our eyes at a realisation – we were stuck here until the very end. 😐

We couldn’t move out easily as we were seated right in the middle, and we felt it would of been too rude to get up and try and shift pass people still in their seats.

It was also very quiet, no one was talking. So, feeling like a pair of unfortunate side characters out of ‘Children of the Corn’, we sat there in silence, while dead-panned faces around us glowed in the light of the credits.

Needless to say we had a good laugh afterwards once we were out in the open. I thought to myself that perhaps we should of gone to see one of the many animated movies that were showing, like Doraemon, Pokémon, or Dragon Ball Z, because then at least there would be some audience reaction, especially from the kids.

But I must say, the whole experience was a lot of fun. And there are already plans in the air to go back there next month sometime to see the newest Disney movie. 😀

cat cupOfficial Onomichi Cat Count: 40!



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