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I’m not usually one to highlight adverts, especially car adverts. However, today I came across the latest Toyota advert online. What caught my attention was that the video shows three different versions of the same advert, but they are set in three different countries, namely Japan, Australia and South Africa.

The advert shows the same exact scenes, just using different locations and actors. Which is impressive in itself. But here is what really got me – the Japanese one is filmed in Onomichi (where I live now), and the South African one is filmed in Cape Town (my home town!). I immediately recognised Onomichi because of all the steps/hills, and the majority of filming took place on the main bridges that connect to the islands. And I travel on those bridges once a week to get to my island school.

So it was great watching scenes from the advert and recognising a whole bunch of places (in particular the scenes of Cape Town kind of got me all teary-eyed thanks to a mild case of home-sickness).

But yes, I thought I would just share this video that put a smile on my face today.

The advert uses the Japanese version for the dialogue, but even if you don’t understand Japanese you can still get the general plot.

I suggest enlarging the video to fit the screen for better viewing. And one last thing, the order of the scenes is Australia at the top, Japan middle, and South Africa at the bottom. 🙂


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