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A Treat for Lunch

Last week Wednesday, when I was at my island school, the one JTE told me that I mustn’t bring lunch with me to school next week (which is today). So I said okay and promptly (but not intentionally) forgot about it.

Come today, and I arrive at school, with my conbini bought lunch, only to be reminded about the special lunch planned for today.

To be honest I didn’t know what was properly going on until I managed to ask another one of my JTE’s about what was happening at lunch time. It turns out that the 3rd years (matrics) were making bento boxes for all the staff members as part of a Home Economics activity. 

Come 12:50pm, I walk into the staff room after class to find a massive bento box waiting for me on my desk.

On top of the box was a piece of paper that explained what was inside.

And inside…



My word, what a treat! The 3rd years really did a magnificent job at making the bento’s, and I thoroughly enjoyed eating this. My favourite parts were the two items in the top left hand corner – the pumpkin and the daikon (radish) and carrot mix. Admittedly it was a heck of a lot of food for me to eat for lunch, and I struggled to finish it, but it was really, really good.

I wish my lunches were like this everyday – though then maybe the ladies that run the conbini (that I frequent) might start to miss me. 😉


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