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Snow! Snow! Yuki! Snow!

Early on Wednesday morning at about, let’s say 3:41am, my darling brother messaged me to say that he saw that it was cold where I was and that I must keep warm. Through blurry eyes I read his message, agreed with him, and snuggled back under my very warm duvet. Though just before I fell back to sleep I had a look at the weather report on my phone and it said this:

I didn’t think anything of it as this weather reporting service I have on my phone is not exactly accurate, and especially something like snow. Apparently it only snowed for two days last winter in Onomichi. So I ba-humbug’d it and passed out back to dreamland.

A few hours later I woke up and shuffled my way into my tundra of a kitchen to switch on the kettle. I then proceeded to almost drop my kettle when I looked up and saw this outside.


And I was like:

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first. Snow! The weather report wasn’t lying. I quickly wolfed down breakfast so that I could get outside to take more pictures and enjoy the experience of snow falling on me. This was only the second time in my life that I have experienced snow. The first time, funnily enough, was also in Japan when I came here on a tour last year. I heard from teachers later that day that this sort of weather is quite unusual for Onomichi and normally it might only snow in January or February.

Taken while on my way back to my apartment in the evening

I also learnt that having an umbrella is somewhat pointless as when the wind blows the snow just goes wherever it pleases, including up under the umbrella and right into your face. But I didn’t mind, I was loving every second of it! 🙂


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