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November Highlights: ‘Dreamination’

Last month I went to Hiroshima City to see the ‘Dreamination‘ winter light festival. This event occurs from mid-November to early January every year. Over a million LED fairy lights (solar powered) are used to create the most amazing fantasy scenes that line the Peace Boulevard.

The lights turn on at about 5:30pm, once the sun has set, but before that I had a chance to see the A-bomb Dome, or Genbaku Dōmu, once again. I don’t know why, but every time I go to the city I have to go and see it. I felt this picture was worth sharing.

And now, for your viewing pleasure… the lights!

Where else would you come across a phoenix, pirate ship and a dragon in one shot?
Love love and all that pink 😉

This coming week is the last week of lessons before the winter break, and then I am off to South Africa to spend Christmas with my family, and to enjoy the summer sun.

For those of you out there interested in the JET Programme – or who have already applied – I will be posting about the JET interview hints and tips soon, as I know those start from mid-January. So hopefully that will be up by the end of the year, but if not (because of the sun, and good food, and all round relaxing done on my part in SA), then definitely in the first week of January when I return to Japan! 😀

Oh yes, one last thing. As my hotel in Hiroshima reminded me:

No smorking in bed!


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