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Moments in Onomichi II

Two very cute girls dressed up for the Shichi-Go-San festival, this is held every year on November 15th to celebrate the “growth and well-being of young children”.
Autumn showing off its colours in a slightly blurry picture
‘Lovers Sanctuary’ at the top of Mount Senkoji, Onomichi.
Onomichi to the east (or round about that direction)
Onomichi to the south… if my sense of direction is correct
And this technically should be Onomichi to the west… because that is where the sun was setting
And to the north is where I live… somewhere among those cluster of houses on top of the hill in the far off distance.
Trying to be creative with my (blurry) pictures
I love my phone, it can really take some cool shots. The tree is a cherry tree, and as you can see the buds are just waiting for Spring so that they can go all amazing on us 🙂


Official Onomichi Cat Count: 26


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