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Long and doubtful week, but satisfying ending

This past week I found myself, more often than not, doubting my teaching abilities and questioning whether the students actually enjoy themselves – or even care to learn anything – in my classes.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with the second last class today. This class, with 2 boys and 17 girls (high school, grade 11, fyi), love to see me blush and laugh, so they start complimenting me, saying how cute, or kawaii, I am, and then laugh (and increase the compliments) when I start to turn bright red. Not only that, they actually participated in all the activities, and one of the girls thanked me for a fun class when the bell went.

This is such a great class and they really make me laugh. Just having them today has reinforced my resolve and confidence as a new ALT teacher (who has absolutely no formal qualifications). And the fact that I am connecting with some of the students, or in this case, a whole class who like to practice their English, makes all the doubt and stress disappear.

What a great start to the weekend! 🙂


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