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Winter has a new name, and that name is ‘Cute and Fluffy’

The one thing I have noticed since arriving in Japan is the degree of ‘cuteness’ or ‘kawaii-ness’ of things. In South Africa, all things cute seem to be somewhat underrated, or non-existent (well at least where I live). But here, Japan embraces the cute, fluffy, and everything utterly adorable. So walking through my local department store this evening, and I come across a stand of new autumn/winter gear, like blankets, socks, etc. But this wasn’t your normal gear – this stuff had the cute, fluffy and utter adorableness that makes you want to squee with delight. There were fluffy socks with fluffy animal faces and bows, back warmers in the shape of squishy-looking pigs, slippers with bunny ears… and then there was this:

Yes, that is indeed what it looks like. An incredibly fluffy sheep hoodie and blanket combo. If I could speak Japanese fluently I would have told the saleslady (in Japanese):

But I can’t speak fluent Japanese, so I just politely gave her the money with a huge grin (or should I say sheepish grin 😉 ) … and since returning home I have yet to take off my fluffy, cute, and utterly adorable sheep hoodie.

I do believe that I will be living in this throughout the autumn and winter months, thank-you very much.


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