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Only In Japan

Only in Japan (from a South African’s point of view, mind you), do you find:

  • Flying Fish Vending Machine

This vending machine in Hiroshima City sells flying fish that are bottled in what looks like brown oil. So, after a hard night’s partying, instead of heading for McD’s, go for some flying fish. Yum!

  • Instant Breakfast/Lunch

Too tired to make your own sandwich? Well, you are in luck as most conbinis (convenience stores) sell pre-made peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Even the crusts are cut off and the edges of the sandwich are sealed so that nothing spills out when eating. Easy!

Oh, and it is delicious as well 😉

  • Killing made cute

The other night I had a run in with about 15 small cockroaches in my kitchen. After screaming blue murder and running around with insecticide and a fly swatter, I realised I needed something more permanent to keep the buggers away. So, into the nearest shopping mall I went and bought a cockroach sticky motel thing, you know, those boxes that have a sticky floor and food that attracts the beasties and then they get stuck and die.

Simple, effortless (on my side), and unexpectedly cute. Just look at the death boxes, it looks all warm and inviting for the poor, innocent cockroaches. Little do they know that they can check out any time they like, but they can never leave!

  • Recruiting goes anime-style

I really like the way the Ministry of Self-Defence in Hiroshima advertises, or more like recruits, citizens. On one of my bus routes, there is a poster at the front of the bus for that very purpose. The great thing about it is that the characters in the poster look like they are from an anime, which I think is brilliant! Apologies for the poor quality of the picture by the way, I was sitting right at the back of the bus, and it was moving, so a bit hard to focus properly.


4 thoughts on “Only In Japan

  1. Hmmm, delicious and nutritious? Roach Hotel California is rather bizarre. I like the name Gokiburi Hoi-Hoi, it’s a little like the noise one makes upon discovering the uninvited guests 😉


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