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First Week Round Up

Happy ‘One Week in Onomichi’ to me! Only one week… sigh… one week. (-__-)…..

To be honest with you it feels like I have been here for at least a month! It is scary to think how quickly everything has happened. After so many months of waiting to finally get to Japan (on top of the four years it took me to finish my degree in order to apply for the programme), things seem to be going at ludicrous speed in comparison.

‘Spaceballs’ rock!

I find myself busy everyday, the days just melt into each other, which is a good thing mind you, as it keeps away the home sickness. I must add that the heat and humidity have been pretty harsh on this little South African who comes from a city where the summers are hot and dry. So this humidity business is a new thing, though I am trying not to think about it too much, or else I would be freaking out every second of every day. My apartment doesn’t have an air-conditioner (sympathies warmly accepted) though my fan does its best to keep me relatively cool at night.

Anyway, I am sure you are not here to read about the heat. What I will show you now is a collection of pictures that I have taken over the last week that I would like to share. I also had a chance to explore my base school (the school where I report to for work three days a week) and took some nice scenic shots:

Notice how the chairs have tennis balls on their legs? Every single chair and desk in the classrooms and hallways have tennis ball legs. My dogs would go nuts if they saw this! So many balls!!
Very soon I will be up there…teaching…never though the day would come where I would be the teacher. It’s awesome, though a tad intimidating thinking that I have to stand in front of a classroom of students come September.
View of the baseball field from the one walkway
The walkway. See how close the school is to the sea? 🙂
Tennis courts with boats in background
View of the school’s parking lot and main entrance

I also took some random photo’s of other things that got me excited and wanted to share:

This is the view from where I wait every morning for my bus. It is only a 3 minute walk from my apartment. In the background is a baseball/soccer field. I can see the field from my balcony, which is nice 🙂
My new bento (lunch) boxes and bag. I got so excited when I saw the bag in the shop – it has African animals all over! South Africa Represent!

And finally, let me introduce you to my new signature. Here is Japan one does not simply sign your name with a pen. You stamp it. It is either called a hanko, or an inkan seal. My supervisor referred to mine as an inkan seal which means it is an official seal to be used on important documents, while hanko’s are seals used for stamping less important documents. My inkan seal is my surname in Katakana, though it is not pronounced exactly the same like in English as the Japanese add vowels to the end of every syllable when pronouncing non-Japanese words. So mine ends up being quite a mouthful (like the previous sentence) and vaguely sounds like my surname. I have been practising my stamping and I must say I think I have got the hang of it pretty quickly. See my efforts below:

I bought myself a little inkan seal holder, it even comes with its own ink block. Very kawaii 🙂

So that is my week’s round up. Of course many other things have happened but my mind has yet to process it all. However, I have been keeping my eye out for cats as I mentioned in my introductory post about Onomichi that there are many stray cats here. So, without further ado:

Cat count after 1 week in Onomichi: 4


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