Japan · JET Programme

The Final Countdown and Reflection

So, you know when you have a goal, more like a dream, to be somewhere or do something in the long run? And you spend time, effort and dedication into slowly making that dream a reality. And for a long time you see that dream to be unreachable, too far away, and at times you sometimes just want to give up because of mere frustration. But then all too soon that day finally arrives when your dream is realised, your hard work has paid off and it is here. You’ve made it a reality and now all that is left is for you to take that first step into the new and amazing adventure that is your dream.

But then, just hours before it is time to take that step, anxiety, sadness and melancholy pass over. You don’t want to leave the comfort of your current life, your family, friends, and even your pets who don’t know that you won’t be around for a long time. It is heart breaking, it is hard to push back the tears, hard to ignore the overwhelming desire to turn around and close that door of new opportunities.

However, you must remind yourself how you got there in the first place, how it took 5 long years to work towards a desire so strong that you would never give up, no matter how often self-doubt came knocking. And now, you’re here, about to fly half way across the world and start a new chapter in your life. Then suddenly, waves of excitement, anticipation and confidence fill you up to the brim, and you say to yourself: “I’m ready!”

So yes everyone, I am ready to start a new chapter in my life! On the other hand, I am feeling quite sad as well, which is no real surprise there. Even as I type I can feel a lump in my throat. Tomorrow when I say goodbye to my family, I will cry, I will not want to let go of them. But, I must not forget how far I have come in the last 5 years, how I have worked so hard to achieve this and to get accepted onto the programme. I am so grateful to everyone’s support over the past couple of months, especially my family’s. And of course thanks to everyone who is reading and following this blog (and I haven’t even landed in Tokyo yet!). I cannot wait to write all about my time in Japan. And hopefully at the same time convince my family and friends that they just have to visit me šŸ˜‰

I will finish this post with a cartoon from one of my favourite cartoonists, Fried Chicken and Sushi. He also did a English teaching programme in Japan a few years ago and his cartoons are based around them šŸ™‚

Click to enlarge



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