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Q&A Session

This past weekend was the JET Programme Q&A session for the new JET’s who reside in Cape Town. I was very excited about it as it would be the first time meeting the other Cape Town JET’s (four of them to be exact). However, excitement was overshadowed by another feeling as I was making my way into the elevator to go up to the Japanese consulate. Flashbacks from the interview day came rushing back and I could feel the ‘butterflies of nervousness’ moving about in my stomach again. I remembered how nerve-wracking that day was and how I had convinced myself that my chances of getting into the programme were slim – in a way so as to not get my hopes too high. Looking back now it just shows how wrong I was to doubt myself.

Fortunately, I was quick to come back to my senses, well, in the time it took the elevator to reach the 21st floor, and the butterflies quickly vanished. In the end I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the session and got the chance to share in the excitement of the upcoming move to Japan with the others, which, looking at the calender, is in just 6 weeks time!

To elaborate further, the session was indeed incredibly useful, with the two ex-JET’s giving us advice about the different cultural aspects that we will encounter, as well as tips on clothing, etiquette and teaching in general. About half way through the session, the female ex-JET suddenly shooed away the men in the room in order for the lady-only session to begin. Here we discussed everything lady-related, which I thought was brilliant and appreciated the advice given. Once the guys were allowed back into the room, we were pleasantly surprised to see them carrying plates of snacks consisting of popcorn and Kit-Kats! ^^’

This next bit I felt was worth a mention as it is about a very interesting item that the ex-JET’s suggested we take with us:


Yip, Marmite. Apparently this yummy (well, I like it) spread is the perfect tool for getting those unruly students to behave as they apparently hate the stuff. So, when I find myself faced with a classroom of students who just won’t listen, or a student who refuses to do their work (which I am sure will happen often), then the Marmite will come out, mwhahaha!

Marmite. The preferred, and yummy, weapon of choice. (click pic to enlarge)



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